• Good people, good service.
    Dr. Brian was great. They called me to remind me that my cat was due for her rabies shot, and after I told them I had moved away they happily/quickly sent me all her records.

    Good people, good service.

    - John A.

  • Everyone at Heartland is wonderful!

    Everyone at Heartland is wonderful! Dr. Arneson has saved the life of my pets more than once and I'll always be grateful to him. Everybody there makes you feel like your pet is the most important one there.

    - Tammy S.

  • Highly recommended.
    Heartland is an awesome clinic. We have two older dogs and Heartland has really helped us keep them healthy. We have worked with all three vets over the years and each one has treated us with respect and has always helped us understand what is going on and our options.  We have been to other vets where they don't listen, don't care, and shame you if you are not doing something perfectly.  The staff at heartland is compassionate, takes time to make sure you have your questions answered, and has been flexible when we aren't comfortable with the first option.

    I have also referred co-workers and friends over the years and after their first visit understand why we like them so much.

    - Tammy H.

  • I have never seen more compassionate veterinarian staff!

    My cat gets treated better at Heartland than I have ever been at any doctor or clinic!

    I have taken my cat to Heartland since I adopted her from the shelter and she was underweight and very young. When I first took her in, the veterinarian told me that she was underweight and that the shelter should not have had her available for adoption because she was too young to be separated from her mother. They told me how to raise her and to this day she is a healthy beautiful cat, who had a litter of her own (Accidentally and they were all adopted by my friends and family).

    When I had my cat spayed and she licked her sutures open after Heartland had already closed they still answered the phone and stayed at least 30 minutes past closing to close her up and give her a shot of antibiotics!!! I have never seen more compassionate veterinarian staff! Dr. Arneson, Dr. Beach, and all of the front office staff are AMAZING!!

    - Christopher K.

  • I'd never go anywhere else!

    A caring and compassionate team that is patient, understanding, and committed to caring for their fur-patients. A little more pricey than others, but if your furbaby is like family (like mine,) worth every penny because there's nothing more valuable than the trust relationship that exists between furbaby caregivers and furbaby parents.  I'd never go anywhere else - and it just so happens that the best veterinarian in the world, Dr. Heather Beach, happens to work there!

    - Rita M.

  • I can't thank you all enough for everything you do!

    I can't thank Heartland enough for taking care of not only my baby but me as well. We came from Staunton to have my dog neutered here. My dog is very anxious and doesn't like vets very much, but they were so kind and caring with him! I stayed in the room with him until the surgery and then was called back while he was waking up so I could sit with him to keep him calm. They explained everything to me and made me feel like my dog and I was their top priority. I will be bringing all of my animals to Heartland from now on. I can't thank you all enough for everything you do!

    - Casey D.

  • Highly recommend this clinic!

    I can't say enough about Dr. Arneson and his staff. So far I've never had anything but excellent care. My furbaby, Eve, just had surgery last week and they have been very understanding with this nervous mom. I've heard some say they are expensive but I say you get what you pay for. My girls never seem to mind going to the doctor and Dr. Arneson is so slick when he gives them shots they never know they had anything done. Highly recommend this clinic!

    - Tianna C.

  • They always make my animals feel like they're number one!

    I would like to say thank you to everyone that works there the staff and everyone they always make my animals feel like they're number one and it really means a lot to me that they take the time and they don't rush in and rush you out and they answer all your questions. I fully trust all of my babies with these guys they love them like their own. Thanks, guys!

    - Pat M.

  • I thank them for everything they do.

    I have known Dr. Arneson and Heartland since the day he opened the clinic. I have raised poodles for 35 years. During that time I can honestly say I have become acquainted with all the vets in the area. Vet bills can be expensive and I would just like to say that you get what you pay for. Dr. Arneson has always been my go-to vet for serious issues. I have never known Heartland to do a procedure without it being necessary and accurate. I was there yesterday due to a crisis with one of my girls. I thought I was going to lose her but things turned out ok. It was Good Friday and they squeezed me in at the last minute and they were willing for me to bring two more for shots. I thank them for everything they do.

    - Gaye H.

  • We feel as though we are part of a wonderful family and we highly recommend.

    We can't express enough how much we appreciate everything that the staff and Dr. Arneson did for our sweet Ipe. The combination of professionalism and personal attention is outstanding and the love for every pet that came through the door is evident and genuine. We feel as though we are part of a wonderful family and highly recommend the highly skilled and meticulous services that the folks at Heartland provide. Thank you all so much!

    - Jason W.