Office Forms

Office Forms

Please see our below online forms. These forms assist our team in expediting the care of your pet. ​
Estos formularios pueden ayudarnos a acelerar el cuidado de su mascota. HAGA CLIC en el formulario necesario para completar. Todos los formularios en español deberán imprimirse para completarlos. Las formas rellenables están en progreso.

For New Clients/Patients

New Client Registration: Information needed for new client accounts

New Patient Registration

Hospitalization, Drop-off, and Treatment Consent: Information and consent for non-anesthetic drop off services

Veterinary Disclosure: Document explaining that we are NOT a 24 hour facility

For Surgical Patients

      Pre-Anesthetic Information and Instructions: What you need to know before anesthesia

      Please note: All anesthetic procedures require you to be "checked in" by one of our staff members. At that time, we will review the form(s) below, your requests, questions, and concerns, etc. If you have not "pre-registered", this process may take up to 30 minutes. Please allot enough time, so that you are not having to rush. We now offer pre-registration! Save yourself some time by completing the correct consent form in advance. We also encourage our clients to ask questions in advance, but no worries, we'll answer all the last minute ones too!

        Surgery and Treatment Consent: Information and consent for anesthetic procedures

        Rabbit Surgery and Treatment Consent: Information and consent for anesthetic procedures in rabbits.

        Other Forms

        Dental Surgery and Treatment Consent: Information and consent related to your pets dental surgery, radiographs and/or cleaning

        Prescription Refill Request Form

        Please allow 24 hours for prescription refills. *This form is for the convenience of our clients who have previously been prescribed a medication by one of our veterinarians. The prescribing veterinarian will review the request, and you will be contacted if it cannot be filled for some reason. Federal and State laws prohibit us from dispensing prescription medications without prior examination of your animal, and current knowledge of your animal's health. Certain medications require periodic blood tests to assure their safety and effectiveness. We will notify you if your pet requires any lab tests.

        Why Trust Us?

        • Advocates of Reduced Fear Vet Visits
          Heartland has launched a "Reduced Fear Initiative" to minimize the stress and fear that comes with a looming visit to the vet. This not only increases your pet's overall health but minimizes your stress as well.
        • Quality Veterinary Care
          Our state-of-the-art facility has a full in-house laboratory, pharmacy, surgery and laser technology that allows our dedicated staff to practice a wide variety of services for your pet family.
        • Convenient Medication Delivery
          Spend more time with pets and family! ​You can shop our online store to have your medication mailed. Orders generally ship directly to you within 3-5 business days.
        • Supporter of Preventative and Wellness Care
          We want to prevent your pets from any major setbacks in life. It is important that they routinely get checked and cared for to avoid any surprises. We will help educate you on how to make this happen!
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