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Can Lyme Disease in Dogs Spread to People?

​How Lyme disease spreads, the symptoms, and how to protect yourself and your dog. Read this article.

9 Springtime Hazards

​After a long winter, we're sure that you're ready to get outside with your dog. While we couldn't agree more, don't overlook these 9 hazards of the season. Read this article.

Pet First Aid: Build Your Own Pet First Aid Kit

​If you don't have a first aid kit for your household, here are some recommendations for how to build your own pet first aid kit. Build a kit!

Obesity, Pets, and Nutrition

In fact, it has been estimated that up to 50% of dogs and cats in this country are overweight or, worse yet, obese. Though many would like to blame this on some obscure metabolic disorder, the fact is that obesity in our pets is a result of the same simple practice that leads to our own obesity- eating too much and exercising too little! Read this article.

Heartworm Disease: Cats Get It Too

The same mosquitoes that transmit the parasitic worms to dogs can transmit them to cats; however, there are a lot of differences between heartworms in dogs and in cats, and sadly these differences often work to your cat's disadvantage. Click to learn more.

Mosquitoes and Heartworm: An Increasing Threat to Your Dog

Several factors play a role in the continuing surge of heartworm cases, and Mosquitoes is one of them. Mosquitoes should not be considered as a summertime pest, but as a year round health hazard. Read on.

5 Tips for a Healthier Dog Smile

Dogs have 42 smile generators. Keeping those 42 teeth strong, healthy, and happy is essential to preventing illness, pain, and may extend longevity. Click to see these 5 helpful tips!

6 Simple Tips for Exercising Your Senior Cat

Kittens are fuzzy little packages of boundless energy that can amuse themselves and you for hours on end. As our cats get older and enter into their senior years, however, they become more sedentary making them more prone to obesity which puts them at increased risk of other serious, medical conditions. Check out these simple tips to get your senior cat up and moving more.

Why You Won't See Your Dog's Heartworm Symptoms, Until it's Advanced

It would be great news for pets and people if heartworm symptoms were always obvious, but the truth is they are generally invisible or unnoticeable. Your dog could appear 100% healthy while the parasites are quietly making themselves right at home. Read about how to protect your dog.